Logic Pro 2 Starter Kit (Black)


The Logic Pro 2 starter kit is a simple device which is easy to use and mess free. It provides an easy route into vaping for any new starter or for somebody who just wants something a little more basic to ease the nicotine cravings

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Logic Pro 2 e cigarette Starter Kit

The Logic Pro 2 e cig starter kit is the improved electronic vapouriser from Logic

It’s both convenient and simple to use and comes in a matte black finish

Using the Logic Pro liquid capsules which are mess free and easy to change

Includes a viewing window to see how much liquid is left

With a 650mAh battery which is fully charged in under 3 hours

Kit Includes:

1 x Logic Pro 2 Kit (Capsule Holder Battery)

1 x USB Charger

1 x User Manual