Battery Safety Information

Battery Safety Information

Most electronic cigarettes contain lithium ion batteries (Li-ion cell) these batteries are similar to the batteries used across the world in everyday devices like mobile phones, laptops etc and are considered safe if used correctly.

The following should be considered when using or charging your electronic cigarette battery.

*If your electronic cigarette battery has an on/off feature (most do have a 3 or 5 click on/off feature) then always use it when not in use.

*Only use the Usb charger supplied with your battery plugged into a Usb enabled device.

*Mobile phone chargers or Usb enabled plugs should not be used to charge your electronic cigarette battery.

*Never leave your charger unattended whilst charging your battery.

*Never leave you battery charging overnight.

*Never submerge your battery in water.

*Never expose your battery to extreme hot or charge in cold temperatures below 0 °C

*Always dispose of batteries responsibly once they reach the end of their life (WEEE Directive)

*Never carry batteries with conductive materials i.e metal keys or loose coins.

*Li-ion batteries will last longer if charged with short regular charges as Li-ion batteries have no memory and partial discharges will not harm them. Never leave batteries to discharge completely as this can cause them to fail.

*If your battery feels hot to touch when charging, stop charging and replace with a new battery.