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Sgice Electronic Cigarettes are extremely proud to offer a huge range of E liquid flavours from Hangsen! As proud Hangsen distributors, Sgice offer three of their different ranges: Atom, Honor and Vengers!  Hangsen Atom eliquids are priced from £2.99 each, 4 for £10 and a whole box of 20 for a brilliant £40. We are aware that our customers enjoy learning about our products so we have created a page of information for those who would like to understand more behind our best selling product! Check out the information below:

Who are Hangsen?

Hangsen E Liquids are the world’s biggest suppliers of e-liquids, all of their products are made with the highest
quality ingredients and are tested through various regulatory bodies such as the European MSGS, CE certification
and ROHS certification.

They have a huge range of e liquids to choose from with over 70+ different flavours. They offer 70Pg /30Vg mix on
all of their eliquids and shrink wrapped to avoid tampering during dispatch.

All their e liquids are stamped with a manufacturer code and expiry date for quality control and are available in a variety
of strengths from 0mg through to 18mg.

All of Hangsen’s liquids are made with Pharmaceutical grade Propylene Glycol (PG).
All of their liquids come in child-proof bottles and are CHIP compliant to meet strict safety guidelines.

Hangsen E Liquids are used by millions of vapers or e-cigarette users around the world who prefer their liquid for its vast
variety of flavours and high quality.

Their History!

Since their humble beginnings in 2009, Hangsen have found themselves constantly front the cutting edge of the vape e-cigarette
industry. They have now grown to be the world’s largest e liquid manufacturers. Not only do they lead
in e-liquid but they also have a fantastic hardware and OEM service around the world. Currently, Hangsen distributes to 80 different countries across the globe and have three offices: China, United States and Poland.

The E Liquid manufacturing process at Hangsen adheres to international ISO9001 and GMP production practices in order to
ensure high quality throughout. Their 40,000 square meter factory is equipped with the most advanced production
machinery and testing devices to ensure consistency and production capacity. Each product including spare parts is
required to undertake 10 quality control steps and 5 testing procedures before being shipped from the factory.

The President of Hangsen, Jide Yao, was a leading pioneer in e liquid research and development and was the first
to develop the VG/PG mixture combination that is found in almost all e liquid recipes today.

Their Future!

Hangen’s goal is to continue their mission in creating new and exciting E Liquid flavours and experiences for their customers
and with an international research department dedicating to testing and exploring new methods of production you can
rest assured their products will stand the test of time.

Hangsen like to work closely with their partners and distributors to ensure their products are always above
the legal requirements for quality. Hangsen are currently working with a diligent team of specialists in order
to ensure their products meet the requirements for the TPD legislation. The  current range online have all passed TPD registration.