Usonicig Rhythm Kit

Usonicig Rhythm Kit

Introducing the Usonicig Rhythm Kit, using ultrasonic technology to create a vape like never before.

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Introducing the Usonicig Rhythm Kit, using ultrasonic technology to create a vape like never before.

Based on the principle of Ultra-high frequency ceramic vibration, it’s ultrasonic vaping driving the E-liquid to the state of gas-liquid coexistence. The surface tension of molecular of E-liquid will be decreased to the minimum. Ultra-high frequency vibration, at 2400000 hits per second, strikes the surface of E-liquid to generate the cavitation which causes molecular bonds between the liquid molecules to be scattered. Finally, pure and smooth vapour is produced.

The surface of E-liquid is hit by ceramic vibration with ultra-high frequency and physically scattered to nanoscale molecules. Compared with heating vaping technology, the ultrasonic vaping molecules can be tinier and more uniform meanwhile the vapour can be smoother.

Technically, E-liquid is physically hit at low temperature to produce vapour, which can effectively avoid the risk of harmful substances caused by heating or burning.

Cross airflow system overturn the traditional air intake system. Instead of coming out from the middle tube, the air will come in from the middle tube and then come out from two tubes around the middle tube. In this case, you can perfectly stay away from crackling.

A magnetic tank helps you replace the tank more easily than ever. Just take the tank out and put a new one in when you need to replace it. The magnetic tank creates a new replacement way without any additional operation and lets you free from the tedious replacement process.

Protection technology covers your device for multiple situations;

Short Circuit Protection
When short circuit occurs, press the fire button, five white lights and 2 orange lights will flash 10 times within 5 seconds.

Low Voltage Protection
When the battery voltage is below 3.0V, press the fire button, the orange light will flash 5 times, it means the device needs to be charged.

Over Charging Protection
When the battery is fully charged, the device will stop charging automatically.

Over Vaping Protection
When the fire button is pressed over 12 seconds, and power output will be shut off, 5 white lights will flash 10 times within 5 seconds.

Anti-Dry Burning Protection
When there is no enough E-liquid in the device, an orange light will be on for 5 seconds and the device will be automatically shut down.

Overheating Protection
When the device overheats, it will automatically stop working. Please restart it when the device cools down.

Kit Includes:
1 x Mod (include a RHYTHM Tank and a built-in chip)
1 x Additional RHYTHM Tank (built-in chip)
1 x USB Cable
Users manual

2.0ml (Max) E-liquid Capacity
1500mAh Battery Capacity
2.4 MHz UltraSonic Frequency
2hrs Charging Time
Dimensions: 96*51*38mm 
Tank Dimensions: 49.5*23*22mm