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Here are some basic questions and answers related to electronic cigarette use.

Q. Are electronic cigarettes safe??

A. The mixed reports are very confusing but the recent report by the Royal Society For Public Health have recently said that the myth about the dangers of nicotine has endured for decades.

The research suggests nine out of 10 people falsely believe nicotine is very harmful to their heath, when in reality it is probably no more dangerous than the caffeine in a cup of coffee .

Q. Do electronic cigarettes set off smoke detector – fire alarms?

A. From trials used with everyday home smoke alarms the answer apears to be no, but there is no guarantee that more sensitive alarms will not be affected by them as the vapour created could possibly set off older sensors which work with moisture.

Please see a video found on youtube which shows a smoke alarm test with an electronic cigarette.

Please Note: Sgice do not use video clips or provide answers as conclusive evidence, but include them as a guidance for information purposes.


Q. Is electronic cigarette E-Liquid safe if it comes from outside of the UK.

A. The Original Recipe for E-liquid originated in China, the founder of the Hangsen factory (Mr Jide Yao) which is now the largest producer of E-liquid in the world, spent millions of dollars producing a recipe which is now the basis of most E-liquids on the market. The idea that imported E-juice is less safe than that which is made in the UK is something that is unfounded and producing dangerous liquid would be damaging to the manufacturers which originally produced the product.

Hangsen have become increasingly concerned about their reputation and have a patent on their bottle design to help identify a genuine Hangsen E-liquid. The image below shows a genuine Hangsen E-liquid bottle, any other design will not be a genuine product.

Hangsen e-liquid bottle design

Eliquid can also contain nicotine which is a very addictive substance and anyone using products containing nicotine should consider the effects on their health prior to purchase, Nicotine is not recomended for pregnant women or people which heart conditions.

Q. Propylene glycol – why is it used in e-liquid?

A. Propylene glycol is added to e liquid to produce visible vapour, this vapour not only provides a similar sensation to that of inhaling tobacco smoke, it also helps to deliver the nicotine to the body via the lungs. Propylene glycol (Pg) is used in many other products, approved propylene glycol (Pg)  is used in toothpaste, cosmetics, toiletries, food colourings, cakes, salad dressings, soft drinks, pet food and even asthma inhalers. It’s also used in the smoke machines found in many theatres and nightclubs.

Q. Are there any known side effects from consuming propylene glycol ?

A. Some people can initially experience a sore throat, muscle aches and strange smelling urine when first using electronic cigarettes. It’s possible these symptoms are a result of consuming Propylene glycol (Pg) based e liquid.

Most people find that drinking more fluids helps with the sore throat and is recommended during the 1st few weeks of using your electronic cigarette. The throat irritation should disappear on its own within a couple of weeks, and the increased fluid intake will help speed up the process.

If your throat problems are persistent or you begin to suffer from other unusual symptoms which you may feel are related then you may have an allergy to propylene glycol. We would recommend you seek medical advice and switch to a Vegatable glycerin (Vg) based e-liquid if you suffer from any of the symptoms above for an extended period.

Q. Can the ingredients cause problems with allergies?

A. We recommend not using any of our e-liquids if you have an allergy to nuts, It is possible that some of our e-liquid may have nut based ingredients, or may be produced in a facility that uses nut based products. Also anyone with allergies linked to tobacco, nicotine or propolyne glycol should avoid using eliquid.

Q. My electronic cigarette has stopped working, Why?

A. The most common reason is the atomiser needs replacing, most atomisers need replacing every 2-3 weeks, but sometimes sooner.

Q. My battery will no longer charge, Why?.

A. Batteries can fail for many reasons, even though our batteries only come with a 28 day warranty your battery should last far beyond this if charged correctly.

Common electronic cigarette battery problems are caused by people using USB adapters supplied for their mobile phones, this can cause the battery to be overcharged and the battery will no longer hold a full charge and eventually fail completely. We recommend using only USB enabled devices such as Computers, laptops etc.. USB wall adapters of any type should not be used.

Another typical battery fault experienced by people using electronic cigarettes is caused by the repeated full discharge of power from Li-ion batteries, These type of batteries should never be discharged below 2.5 Volts per cell and will last longer if partial discharges are used.


Q. Are Electronic cigarettes suitable for everyone?

A. Electronic cigarettes are not suitable for the following people.

* Anyone under the age of 18.

* Anyone allergic or sensitive to nicotine.

* Anyone who is pregnant or breastfeeding.

* Anyone who has been advised to avoid nicotine products for medical reasons.

* Anyone with a heart condition, hypertension or diabetes.

*Anyone with allergies linked to tobacco, nicotine, propolyne glycol or products containing nuts.

This list is not exhaustive and if unsure please consult your GP prior to using any of our products.

Q. Can electronic cigarettes be used indoors .

A. There is currently no law banning the use of electronic cigarettes indoors, however you may find that some businesses have their own policy on the use of electronic cigarettes and this is something you should consider when using them in restaurants and bars, you would not be breaking the law if you used them in places that have their own ban but may be asked to either stop or leave the premises.